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Tradier Reaches Milestone of 100 Financial Services Firms Integrating Directly with its Brokerage Platform

The fastest growing Brokerage-as-a-Service API company empowers record number of financial technology firms to access brokerage services and enable end-users to seamlessly place trades directly from their platforms

Charlotte, North Carolina – December 1, 2015 — Tradier, Inc., the innovative cloud-based financial services API firm, today announced that over 100 financial technology companies are now adopting its Tradier API to provide individual investors, traders and advisors with convenient and easy access to brokerage services. As the fastest-growing brokerage technology firm, Tradier is at the forefront of the brokerage-as-a-service evolution, democratizing access to brokerage capabilities for third party financial technology providers and allowing for greater access to capital markets for retail investors. The Tradier API is leading the fast-growing era of investor choice by eliminating the need for financial platforms and developers to invest in costly and infrastructure and massive regulatory hurdles to gain access to brokerage services.

The Tradier model provides fast and easy integration capabilities for third party platforms to offer their customers access to market data and account information, as well as the ability to make equity and option trades directly from that platform’s UI – and from any screen or mobile device. Built for developers by developers, the Tradier Brokerage API is one of the first brokerage-as-a-service companies to provide a full range of brokerage services for a scalable, secure and easy-to-use REST-based solution. Tradier is providing enterprise-level SAS solutions to enable investing platforms, advisors and developers to connect digital and other innovative platform tools with market data and trading capabilities.

"Reaching the milestone of 100 Tradier integrators highlights our long standing commitment and history at being a consistent driver of the democratization and access to brokerage services," said Dan Raju, CEO and Co-Founder of Tradier, Inc. "As a pioneer in this space, our mission has always been to accelerate innovation in the brokerage industry by breaking down barriers and enabling ease of access for both financial technology platforms and investors."

Tradier was specifically built with a business-to-business focus to enable all firms to provide access to capital markets. The Tradier Brokerage API provides brokerage-as-a-service options to a wide range of financial technology providers including social trading start-ups such as Scutify and Instavest, mobile apps such as Mobile Interactive, and established platforms like eSignal and Livevol. Tradier also works with educators, including BetterTrades and OptionPit, as well as large international organizations to provide brokerage service access to the U.S markets.

For information on Tradier, Inc, visit, contact us at 980.272.3670 or engage with us on Twitter @tradier.

About Tradier Brokerage Inc.

Tradier Brokerage, Inc. — a member FINRA and SIPC is an independent subsidiary of Tradier, Inc. The Brokerage API enables entrepreneurs, businesses, developers and active traders to solve their trading and brokerage challenges using independent content and tool providers of their choice — at simple and competitive prices.

About Tradier, Inc.

Tradier, Inc. is a cloud-based financial services provider and brokerage API company that offers a groundbreaking platform to serve Platform Providers, Advisors, Developers and Individual Investors. Tradier delivers an innovative set of fully hosted API's, modules and "out of the box" tools that are leveraged by a growing list of providers seeking to create innovative trading and investing experiences.

Created by developers, Tradier is a technology linchpin that works with organizations that want to democratize access to data, trade execution, low cost trading and market connectivity through cloud access. In addition, Tradier's APIs empowers third-party developers to build applications such as algorithmic and robotic trading systems.

The Tradier solution features REST-based and Streaming APIs, and turnkey tools that deliver speed, choice and simplicity – all on a secure platform.


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