Trade. Develop. Connect.

Tradier works at the crossroads of financial services and cloud technology.

Our open platform lets self-directed traders choose their own trading experience, and it makes it easy for developers to enhance and explore new capabilities.

The result? A dynamic toolbox that empowers users and breaks barriers in our industry.

How does Tradier work?

We feel it’s important to give traders the choice of their own trading experience

The Tradier solution features REST-based and Streaming APIs and turnkey tools that are
leveraged by a growing list of third party platform providers.

TRADERS Select from a robust list of third-party trading platforms Learn more Tap into APIs for charting, streaming data, back-testing algorithms & more Learn more DEVELOPERS </> TRADIER Connects traders & developers, creating a feedback loop for continued innovation

“Ultimately, we saw a void that was unfilled by existing financial service companies. We knew there was a better way. So we started Tradier.”

Dan Raju, Co-founder and CEO

The firms that have our back

We’re working to advance the financial services industry, so it only makes sense that our industry’s more forward-thinking firms have stepped up to partner with us.
They see value in our model.
We value their confidence.


"Your API has been a joy to work with, and sandbox access just fell together in no time."


"Your business model is very interesting, we are looking for a broker business model like yours."


"I'm happy to say that developing with your API is great...
I couldn't be happier!"

Digital Accelerator Award Winner