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How does Tradier work?

We feel it’s important to give traders the choice of their own trading experience

The Tradier solution features REST-based and Streaming APIs and turnkey tools that are
leveraged by a growing list of third party platform providers.

TRADERS Select from a robust list of third-party trading platforms Learn more Tap into APIs for charting, streaming data, back-testing algorithms & more Learn more DEVELOPERS </> TRADIER Connects traders & developers, creating a feedback loop for continued innovation

Powering Innovation

We’re working to advance the financial services industry, so it only makes sense that our industry’s more forward-thinking firms have stepped up to partner with us.
They see value in our model.
We value their confidence.


"Your API has been a joy to work with, and sandbox access just fell together in no time."


"Your business model is very interesting, we are looking for a broker business model like yours."

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"I'm happy to say that developing with your API is great...
I couldn't be happier!"

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