Brokerage Liberated

The first Brokerage API company, Tradier powers the world's leading
trading, investing and digital advisor platforms.

What We Do

Tradier offers:

  • a REST-based, truly open and secure API that delivers trading, real-time market data, and simple, seamless account opening and funding for investors, advisors, and traders
  • brokerage with transparent pricing and low fees

Accelerating Innovation

Before Tradier, new platforms faced a choice. Build a brokerage operation — a costly, burdensome process that can take years — or present customers with a fragmented investing and trading experience.

Tradier changes that. When advisors and developers launch their platforms using our APIs, they are able to offer trading, market data, and brokerage, instantly.
The heavy lifting has already been done.

And Tradier works with developers and advisors — it never works against them.

Developers        Advisors

Powered by Tradier

We're bringing the next generation of financial technology to market.
Tradier already powers many of the world's most innovative trading and advisory firms.
More are joining us every day.

Customer Testimonials

As a developer, integrating Tradier’s API into our mobile charting platform was a breeze.

We had a mission: offer our trading platform with a unique pricing model. Tradier Brokerage embraced us and guided us through the complete integration. Their entire team has been excellent, from the ease of connecting to their API to their great, responsive customer support.

Tradier made Scutify a one-stop-shop for investing content and trading. We were able to take their API and integrate it fully into our site, giving our customers an integrated trading solution.

Industry Recognition

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