TradingView is the world’s most popular charting platform, used by 50M+ traders and investors. Supercharged by robust technologies across browsers, desktop and mobile apps, the platform provides an array of technical, drawing and analytical tools for informed trading decisions. One of the most unique features of the platform is the TradingView community, which stores 10M+ trading ideas and scripts. In addition, it provides access to the latest market news, corporate reports and a comprehensive analytical suite, making the platform a top destination for any trader.

  • Technical analysis

    15+ chart types, 90+ drawing tools and 100+ pre-built indicators are just the beginning of the TradingView suite. Go for multi-timeframe analysis, apply up to 8 charts in a single layout and more.
  • Stock screeners

    Find heatmaps and screeners for Forex, Crypto and stocks. 100+ fundamental fields and ratios, financial statements, and valuation analyses will help you to make informed trading decisions.
  • TradingView Community

    Trusted and visited by 50 million users, the TradingView community allows you to chat with traders from around the globe in real-time. Research top trading ideas or produce your own analysis.
  • Strategy Tester

    Simulate and test ready-made or self-written trading strategies in real-time on TradingView charts. Get a detailed report based on historical data, optimize the parameters and put it into practice.
  • Pine Script

    Pine Script is a lightweight and powerful programming language for developing indicators and strategies. Write, backtest and showcase your work in the TradingView community.

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