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Get started today! Invest in stocks, ETFs, equity options, and index options all from your mobile device.

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Advanced Trading

From simple to advanced orders, we've got you covered. Advanced orders such as OCO, OTO and OTOCO are available directly in the app to help you manage your trades with ease.

Streaming Data

Get tick-by-tick data, national best bid and offer (NBBO) quotes and up to the millisecond time and sales information sourced from 36 stocks and options exchanges.

Conduct Research

Conduct extensive research using over 100 data points provided for each stock. Dive deep into a company's earnings, financials, ownership, and many more.

Built for the active trader.

Account Management

Manage all your Tradier Brokerage accounts on the go within the app.


Account statements accessible whenever and wherever you need them.

Tax Documents

24/7 access to important tax documents.

Deposit & Withdraw

Deposit and withdraw funds directly from the app.

Trade Confirmations

Trade confirmations available upon request.

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Options, stocks & ETFs

Tradier Brokerage offers simplified pricing that meets the demands of active traders. For only $10, you get access to our advanced trading platform.

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