Track 'n Trade

Track 'n Trade Live Stocks & Options is the award winning1 trading platform designed for the visual investor. This full featured system enables you to go from idea to trade seamlessly with its unique on-screen order placement and positions display.

Track 'n Trade brings your charting and trading into one comprehensive and easy-to-use trading platform directly in your Tradier Brokerage account - simplifying trading so you can master it. Request a free trial today!

  • Visualize Your Trades

    Track 'n Trade is the best trading platform for visualizing your trades based on market action. The on-screen trading and visual display helps you to quickly see important support and resistance levels for your stocks and options trades.
  • Portfolio Management

    Monitor your Profit & Loss in real-time with ability to view by portfolio, by individual stock, or grouped by multi-leg options. Predefine trade entries & exits on your charts for more consistent trading. Manage your Tradier account(s) with ease.
  • Options Trading Simplified.

    Options trading has never been easier with our unique multi-leg strategy template builder. Create your own templates or use our pre-programmed settings to quickly place multi-leg options. One-click iron condors with draggable modification directly on the charts and much more!
  • Proprietary Indicators

    Includes proprietary Bulls 'n Bears trading system with customizable buy/sell signals found nowhere else. This provides a systematic approach to trading and when it comes time to sell, our custom technical alerts will help you time your exits like a pro.
  • Easy and Intuitive

    Track 'n Trade is intuitive and easy-to-use and was designed for the best overall user experience. Our seamless on-screen order entry and modification makes sure you can analyze and place your trades quickly.

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