Never miss a trading opportunity again, get Spreadable with your Tradier account! Trading and managing complex option spreads can be cumbersome, usually requiring a desktop application. Spreadable is focused on giving you the ability to trade and manage complex spreads on the go in a more efficient way than even most desktop applications.

  • Automatic Authentication Refresh

    I partnered with Tradier to incorporate their automatic refresh function. You will only need to login with your Tradier account when installing the application for the first time or other major logout events. After that refreshes are done automatically.
  • Spread Management

    Building options with the interactive option chain is fast and intuitive. Spreads are automatically detected and once filled they are displayed in your portfolio as the spread you created. Alternatively: if you bought legs individually or want to create your own spreads you can easily do this in the portfolio page. Spreads are saved across devices.
  • Quick Ordering

    Intuitive spread builder and one click spread closing in your portfolio. The order screen is one page where everything is optimized for your fingers, like Steve Jobs always wanted.
  • Detailed Performance Overview

    The portfolio page already shows most of the performance details of your positions but by tapping it you can find other info such as the estimated earnings date, open orders and performance history graph. The grouped spreads have the exact same feature.
  • Earnings Alert

    Displays estimated and confirmed upcoming company earnings. Still in beta but will get it more accurate with different sources.

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