OneOption’s suite of tools is built to trade Relative Strength & Weakness. With us you can trade stocks, options and futures while learning our systematic trading approach. We’ll teach you what it is, why it works and how we trade it with our trading software

  • Laser-Focused Chat Room

    Join a highly productive chat room of seasoned traders where members share trade ideas and conform to a strict methodology of Relative Strength & Weakness. Entries and exits are posted in a timely matter. All trades fit the system. If you’re looking for a serious chat room, you’ve found it.
  • Option Stalker Pro

    Our premier desktop platform, Option Stalker Pro is designed to trade the S&P 500 and stocks with relative strength and weakness using advanced features: Preconfigured scanners, proprietary indicators, professional charting, scanner builder, advanced alerts, proprietary indicators, options analytics, order entry, and more.
  • Trading Library

    Learn how to trade like a professional with our educational resources including articles, videos, lessons, charts and other study material. We have been writing and teaching about this system for over a decade. Mine our troves of knowledge and shorten your learning curve in becoming a consistently profitable trader.
  • Option Stalker Web App

    Option Stalker takes the essentials of Option Stalker Pro and distills them into a powerful web app to take with you anywhere. This mobile-friendly solution gives you proprietary indicators, trade signals, preconfigured scanners, custom search scanner builder, and smooth charting optimized for trading Relative Strength & Weakness, right at your fingertips.
  • Custom Scanner Builder

    In minutes you can create your own powerful searches with our no code system that contains variables you won’t find anywhere else. Start by casting a wide net and see what you catch. Then start adding other variables to refine your search, with timeframe-specific identifiers for high granularity.

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