Dynamic Trend

Dynamic Trend is a powerful U.S equity options analysis platform with an extensive set of enhanced option tools. Designed for short-term Zero DTE traders and long-term investors.

  • Option Gamma Tools

    Market Indexes and very Active stocks with near term weekly options expirations tend to trade up or down in seemingly random moves to some price level only to reverse course on a dime. Our extensive research shows this phenomenon is mainly a result of Gamma Induced Squeeze levels that build up around certain strike prices for near term expiring options.
  • DT Gamma Squeeze Index

    We have developed a unique method to combine multiple strikes and expirations to create a DT Gamma Squeeze Index that calculates Gamma induced squeeze levels. The Gamma Levels can be used for Short-Term trade identification. These levels are calculated before the market opens and updated throughout the day.
  • Options Volume Sentiment

    Through our research, we have developed a proprietary arrangement of Call and Put Buying Sentiment. This algorithm looks inside each bar and monitors options volume across multiple strikes in both Calls and Puts. Rising Call Sentiment with flat Put Sentiment are seen during up trends. Similarly rising Put Sentiment with flat Call Sentiment are seen during downward trends.
  • Combining DT Gamma Squeeze with Options Volume Sentiment

    Combining both the DT Gamma Squeeze Index with the DT Options Volume Sentiment provides the trader a road map with important real time support and resistance levels with the added analysis of which direction the Options are trending (call or put sentiment).
  • Zero Days to Expire (0DTE) Options

    Approximately 40% of the entire SPY Index option volume is from same day expiring options contracts. This volume is increasing each month and 0DTE Options trading has become very popular. The DT Gamma Levels and Options volume sentiment can be used to identify directional moves in the market as soon as they happen.

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