Tradier Hub Community Rules

June 20, 2023

The Tradier Hub was created to bring together a community of investors and educators working together to increase their investing knowledge. We allow for a wide range of opinions and expect participants to be respectful of one another. Keeping the rules below top of mind will help to build a vibrant community that benefits all participants.

Violations of these rules will lead to the deletion of offending messages and, where deemed necessary, the permanent suspension of your Tradier Hub account and a ban from creating additional accounts.


Disagreement and debate about ideas, securities and markets is encouraged within the community, however attacking other members or contributors is not a constructive form of debate. The following behaviors are not permitted:

  • Insults & Harassment: You may not send messages that insult or harass another person.
  • Threats: You may not send messages that threaten another person.
  • Derogatory Language: You may not send messages that are derogatory or racist against a particular group of people.
  • Vulgarity: You should not use vulgarity in a tagged message or within your Hub username or profile.


The Tradier Hub community is comprised of members, educators and platforms. Each brings a different perspective to the Hub

Below are activities that we consider spam.

  • Linking to a landing page or sales pitch instead of the idea or content promised in the message is spam.
  • Tagging a message or video with a symbol or topic that is not related to the post.
  • Posting the same, or very similar, messages or links multiple times is spam.

It is ok to link to a page that includes an ad to a paid service, email list or other sign-in as long as the primary content on that page and highlighted in the original message is available to all users without having to take any additional action.


  • Promotional content must include free and informative and/or actionable content.
  • Do not create multiple accounts and follow yourself in order to increase your follower count

Offending posts will be removed and your account may be suspended.


  • You may not post nudity of any kind.
  • You may not reveal personal information of anyone without their consent.
  • Posting a comment, article, video or any content on the Hub with the intention of manipulating a security.
  • Spreading false information or posting excessively about a security (either positive or negative) without any substantiation.
  • Linking to external websites that are known to manipulate securities
  • Do not impersonate anyone, even for comedy or as a parody

Any of these actions may result in suspension.


If you would like to repost a post or comment made on the Tradier Hub please send it to

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Charlotte, NC 28277
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