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TradeHawk is packed with features built for you.

Features for the active trader


Portfolio allows for custom grouping capability, customized layouts with adding/deleting columns, and sort positions by columns. Visibility into Beta adjusted deltas and dollar adjusted deltas.

Order Management

Orders module provides a filter for fills, working orders, canceled orders and, conditional orders. Ability to cancel and modify working orders along with sending orders to the trade ticket for re-entry.

Option Chains

Horizontal and vertical views - includes 3 expirations at a time + strike filtering. Customizable highlighting of strikes with the ability to adjust, add, delete columns. Quick trade capability for complex options.


Unique to all TradeHawk products, the Tower allows for quick trading capability on all stocks and options.


Balances include historical cost basis with filtering capability and account/position P&L graphs.


Trade and view stock, options, and spreads positions from chart. Customizable periods with IVol periods overlayed on daily underlying price action.

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Agile, Mobile, Customizable

Option Grid (Chains)

Quick trade capabiltiy for complex option orders. Horizontal and vertical expiration views. Customizable columns

Strategy Tracker

Compute P&L and Cost Basis for every strategy. Place adjustment trades from a strategy


Save trades for execution at a future date. Set entry and exit strategies in Stager

All the latest updates and compatibility features

Use what suits your needs

Order Entry for Equity & Options

Order entry for equity, option, and spreads
Advanced Order Types: OCO, OTO, OT-OCO
Trade Preview Risk Analysis
Monte Carlo Analysis


Variety of Chart Types
Custom Time Frame Studies
Trading from Chart
Custom Studies and Indicators
View Positions & Orders on Chart
Option and Spread Charts

What-if Risk Analysis

Probability of Profit/Loss
Adjust analyzed orders for trade decisions
Ability to send an order from “What if”
Compare multiple strategies at a glance
Analyze implied volatility by strike


Strategy View
Multi Portfolio Views
Beta and $ Delta Adjusted Views
Sortable/Customizable Columns

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