VisualStructure, a spinoff of the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne launches an AI Powered next-generation investing experience on the Tradier API

VisualStructure today announced its initial product release that lets users make transparent and efficient decisions with its unique visualization engine and advanced mathematical algorithms.


Charlotte, North Carolina – December 31, 2019 — Tradier, Inc., a leading Brokerage API provider is happy to announce the launch of VisualStructure on its APIs. VisualStructure Ltd, a spinoff of the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) offers a unique investment visualization and optimization platform for investors. Focused on the next generation of active investing, VisualStructure offers an innovative way for investors to express their views using its proprietary AI technology. Powered by the Tradier’s Brokerage and Data APIs, this platform is available as of today in a simulated environment to investors and financial services experts globally.

The technology behind VisualStructure combines advanced mathematical algorithms with a unique set of visualization tools. It lets any options trader or investor quickly and easily create a unique “VisualStructure” of options positions in an interactive, transparent and risk-managed stack through a highly innovative game-like user experience. Proprietary, ultra-fast optimization algorithms ensure that the user gets immediate “robustified” feedback on every action. Despite the incredible complexity of the math behind it, the product is designed to make the analysis easy and accessible for any options trader, independent of the background and experience. VisualStructure represents a great example of the collaboration of Swiss academia with the larger Fintech community, offering both new and advanced options traders a great combination of simplicity and access to modern technology.

“VisualStructure was created to democratize options trading and let investors trade with confidence and transparency. We are proud of the efforts of our team and are extremely grateful to Tradier for their support and guidance,” said Semyon Malamud, EPFL Professor, Chief Scientific Advisor and Co-Founder of VisualStructure.

“We at Tradier want to enable innovative companies like VisualStructure to offer innovative trading experiences through our scalable and secure APIs. Companies like VisualStructure, bring out robust next-generation investing experiences to the market with their unique research-based approach. We are happy and delighted to be integrated with visual structure,” said Dan Raju, CEO, Tradier Inc.

About VisualStructure, Sarl (Ltd)

VisualStructure uses proprietary intelligent algorithms and machine learning to express a view using options. It has a unique graphical user interface (2 patents pending) that allows the user to design his own investment product and get an immediate, gamified feedback. It is suited both for professional and retail investors.

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