Market Data API

Insights or analysis, we've got data for you

Tradier's Market Data APIs encompass all the necessary data to analyze the market and execute trading strategies for US-based equities and options. If you don't need real-time data, we offer a delayed data solution that will get you access and pulling market data in minutes.


Fetch quotes and option chains using HTTP request/response or streaming APIs.

  • US-based equity and option data
  • Quote and Chain APIs
  • Search and Lookup APIs
  • Market calendar and status APIs
  • Fundamental data (in beta)


Lightweight charting data to offer simple charting or anaysis to your application.

  • 5 days of tick data
  • 20 days of 1 minute candles
  • 40 days of 5/15 minute candles
  • Streaming tick data available


Backtest a strategy or track long term value using historical OHLC data spanning back over 30 years.

  • Historical equity data
  • Historical option data
  • Data intervals include: daily, weekly, monthly

What's the difference?

Just looking for data and don't want a brokerage account? A developer account is right for you.

Developer Account

  • No brokerage account required.
  • Delayed data only. *
  • No streaming or tick data.

Brokerage Account

  • Must open and fund a Tradier Brokerage account.
  • Real-time data available. *
  • Streaming and tick data available.

Developer Account

$ 0 /month
  • Delayed data *
  • US-based equities and options
  • Historical tick data
  • Streaming Data
  • Fundamental Data
  • Brokerage API access
Open a Developer Account

Brokerage Account

$ 0 /month
  • Real-time data *
  • US-based equities and options
  • Historical tick data
  • Streaming Data
  • Historical tick data
  • Brokerage API access
Open a Brokerage Account!

* real-time market data only available to Tradier Brokerage account holders.
Terms and Rate-limits apply to all accounts.