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MeridianSoft announces a new relationship with Tradier Inc. to provide Onboarding Services

Columbus, Ohio - June 23, 2013 — MeridianSoft announced today a new key milestone in its growth as it has signed a contract with Tradier Inc., to provide client onboarding technology services. This announcement is another indication of MeridianSoft's increased presence in the financial technology space and its ability to deliver quality technology integration and development services. MeridianSoft provides a unique combination of business process re-engineering, global delivery and most importantly deep technical and domain expertise to its customers.

"Tradier was looking for a technology partner that could work with its new and existing client firms and provide onboarding services and enhancements. We are delighted that MeridianSoft can offer these quality services by leveraging our core technology expertise and our focus on customer value" said Surya Rudraraju, President, MeridianSoft, Inc. The firm will provide Tradier with a scalable services model that combines onsite coordination and global software delivery.

MeridianSoft delivers best return on investment on any IT project by focusing on it's "Customer First" strategy. Understanding key customer requirements and collaborating effectively with them is a prime focus area to the MeridianSoft global delivery framework.

"Integration and engagement of tool providers and banks onto our platform is a key aspect of our offering and we are pleased to be leveraging MeridianSoft's expertise and services" said Steve Agalloco, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Tradier, Inc.

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