OptionVue Systems has been a producer of Options Analysis and Trading Software for over 30 years. Built around professional-level analytics and modeling, it integrates Real-time Quotes, Historical Data, Charting, Volatility, Portfolio Management and much more.

  • OptionVue 8 provides the precise information you need to determine what to trade and when. It allows you to quantify a prospective trade, visualize the trade graphically, and will guide your decisions based on advanced simulations and calculated probabilities. You will know your exact risk before entering a trade and be able to manage it accurately in response to market changes
  • OptionVue 8 provides fast accurate analysis.

    OptionVue has developed advanced option price modeling techniques! You will be able to "What-if" trades of any complexity and view theoretical trade performance at any date, price and volatility in the future
  • OptionVue 8 will scan the market for potential trading candidates.

    OpScan™ is our proprietary market scanning service. Use the built-in formulas or build your own custom formulas to find the assets and options that meet your trading criteria...lightning fast!
  • OptionVue 8 will help you find trades.

    TradeFinder™ performs thousands of calculations on one or more assets based on your targets, goals, and risk preferences and returns strategies and specific trades with their expected return and probability of profit.
  • OptionVue 8 has historical options data from January 2001.

    BackTrader™ uses real historic option prices and volatilities to allow you to accomplish months of paper trading in a matter of hours - the perfect learning tool for options or back-testing new option strategies.
  • Test Drive OptionVue 8 with our $5, 14-Day Trial Package and see for yourself how our software and services can help you become a more successful and disciplined trader.

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