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Elsen offers active investors a revolutionary algorithmic trading platform and the tools to streamline and manage equity trading portfolios. Build, test, and execute trading algorithms from your browser (no download required) and manage everything from our mobile app. Our blazing-fast software allows you to customize trading strategies, automate market analysis, and receive real-time notifications on when to buy and sell. No coding required.

  • Superior technology, real time data

    The fastest, most scalable cloud-based infrastructure on Earth. We process all U.S. equity data simultaneously in real time.
  • Control trading from your iPhone

    Manage your trading activity anytime, anywhere using real-time data.

    Automatically receive notice when your rules are triggered. You decide whether to execute that trade — or no — and you remain in control. Our app also allows you to review your portfolio and analyze all your recent trades.
  • Backtest with historical data

    Backtest to analyze how your strategies would have performed during the best and worst times, using years of historical market data. Build, test, and refine to your heart's content.
  • Validate your strategy with the community

    Compare and contrast with others to improve your strategies. Gain a deeper understanding of the markets by seeing what other people are doing. Find an interesting strategy? Save it to your account and use it as a base for an even better strategy.

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